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110.000 hours of processing

“Nothing is more contemporary than what the past reminds us of.” N.C.

The 110,000 hours of processing are the true gift of the ZERO140 that put all the value that comes from the past at present disposal.

A deep belief

At Enrico Serafino we firmly believe in the Alta Langa docg and have always tried to understand its true extreme limits.

With the aim of understanding the true extreme limits of the Alta Langa, during the 2005 harvest, we produced a Pinot Noir cuvée specifically to last over time.

The fermentation in the bottle began with the tirage in the spring of 2006 and continued year after year with patient and conscious perseverance.

A patient long wait

The periodic qualitative controls have allowed us to create a unique experience in the appellation showing all the potentialities of a wine that first was born great in the vineyard and then it remains great over time.

While celebrating the 140th anniversary of the foundation of Enrico Serafino, in 2018, we finalized the process of our ZERO140 Alta Langa. The decision to propose it in the Pas Dosé version, without any dosage, came in naturally.

The choice of avoiding the Liqueur d’expéditon was driven by the research of the authenticity of the wine.

In 13 years: from the cradle to the scooter

On June 10th, 2018, 13 years after the harvest, and after 113,880 hours of patient work, the first bottle of the ZERO140 Pas Dosé Alta Langa Riserva doc vintage 2005 was released in the market. The first vintage of future following releases.

If he had been a newborn baby we would have seen him growing under our eyes, going from the cradle to the scooter.

A dedicated style

During all the 12 years of bottle ageing on lees the ZERO140 has evolved in a coherent and constant way like a child who grows aware of himself.

In this process we wanted to highlight the most important factors through the final packaging.

The first one was to recognize in the ageing cellar since 2005 each vintage for the different bottles during the refinement period 12 years. The second was the surprisingly complex and firm character of this Alta Langa.

The form is the essense

When the answer came it appeared quite naturally.

Resuming the use of marking on the glass the beginning of the rotation of the remuage, we have chosen to paint, strictly by hand, the lower part of the bottles with a different colour for each produced vintage.

In addition, the choice to avoid the use of the label highlights the complexity of the wine.

Therefore, on each bottle you will find, in addition to the capsule required by law, only the jewel representing our logo or the section of a fossil from the Piedmontese tertiary era, an unequivocal sign of the footprint left by Nature on nature over the centuries.

The colour

Finally, the choice of colours to define our special bottle .

The quality of our wines comes from Nature. This is why we decided to draw inspiration from the Theory of Planets and Colours. This binds the Sun, the nine planets, the Moon and Ceres (dwarf planet, ex asteroid) to the different colours available: 12 colours that identify and distinguish the 12 vintages of ZERO 140 that are refined at the same time in our cellars.

In this way, our Planetary System is represented within each complete production cycle of the Alta Langa ZERO 140 Enrico Serafino. Once the colours were obtained, we decided to apply them following an irrational and emotional logic, obviously starting from the Sun that plays an important part in the wine production.

Officina Zero 140