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Wines and Vintages

At the end of the project, after more than 110,000 hours of processing, here is the wine.

Finally, it is possible to explore the complexity of a wine out of the ordinary, deeply characterized by the Terroir and the uniqueness of each vintage.

The vintage appeal

Each vintage is different from the others and it must be produced individually with patience and respect for nature.

The climatic trend is never constant and creates many combinations with the ecosystem of a specific vineyard.

To propose a vintage wine means to try to enhance the natural variable complexity in a wine.

The result obtained is of great personality and becomes fascinating for those who look for the involvement in the diversity.

Riserva Pas Dosé

The choice of avoiding any Liqueur d’expédition is consistent with the project of enhancing the diversity of vintagevineyard.

Only by avoiding the dosage with sugar and spirits the characteristics of the ZERO140 remain as pure as possible.

In this way you can appreciate the structure and the great complexity achieved by a wine that was born great in the vineyard and which is refined with a processing of over 110,000 of uninterrupted hours.

The vintages calendar

ZERO140 Riserva Pas Dosé Alta Langa is released in the market after 140/144 months of ageing on less in the bottle. The vintages follow the following calendar’s release:

2005/june 2018 2006/april 2019 2007/may 2020 2008/april 2021 2009/april 2022

2010/2023 2011/2024

2012/2025 2013/2026 2014/2027

2015/2028 2016/2029


The 2009 is the last vintage of the Zero 140 project.

All the refinements made to the project, from parcel management to aging on yeasts, were fully implemented. The vintage was characterized by heavy snowfall during the winter and an appropriately rainy spring.

The water resources accumulated were invaluable in overcoming the recurrent heat waves that followed during the summer season.

The earlier harvest, however, produced wines of great balance in which acidity was able to balance the structure of the resulting cuvées.

Finally on March 2, 2022, 13 years after the harvest, we made the dégorgement of the Zero 140 Mesi Riserva Pas Dosé 2009 fifth Docg of the 140 series.

Using color theory, according to the tradition, we dedicated the vintage to the Moon recognizable by the white color hand-painted on the bottom of each bottle.

To the 2009 vintage the arduous task of confirming the qualities of the previous vintage that was recognized as Bollicina dell’anno 99/100 by Daniele Cernilli – Doctor Wine.


Officina Zero 140