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A home for the Alta Langa DOCG lovers

OfficinaZero140 Club was created to give a home to the lovers of the Alta Langa docg . The idea is to find a place where people can share their passion and their research for the complexity of a territory. The Club can be joined only by exclusive invitation. Every year, in December, the invitations are delivered to the selected passionate fans. From that moment on, you become to be part of the Club and its exclusive advantages.

Open for friends

The idea was born to create a place where the lovers of the Alta Langa can meet both virtually and face by face.

The goal is not to have another Wineclub or to reward the Brand Ambassadors of our ZERO140 but to include the most sincere Friends in a group open to discussion and sharing.

How to enter

You can enter the Club only upon personal invitation. Every year in December, the invitations are delivered to the passionate selected fans.

The plaque with your name and registration number on is a proof of your enrolment.

We discuss and we share

Detailed information about what is happening in the vineyard and in the winery will be available in Officina Zero140.

In addition, new projects and experiences will be shared. We will organize debate days that will cover: tasting experiences, the most curious pairings, the favorite vintages. And this for Alta Langa or other appellations because only by comparing we can “objectify” by overcoming the subjective limit of individual opinions.


Exclusive paths

Exclusive tastings sessions and events will be created for the members.

For example, we will offer an itinerary that starts from the “fleur de pupitre”, the just disgorged bottle, to the choice of the “liqueur d’expedition” produced with different reserve wines and dosages.

Officina Zero 140